Public Outreach

They safeguard San Francisco from disaster, save lives, prevent injuries and transform urban spaces. Professional and Technical Engineers, Local 21 is featuring their city employee members in its 21 Unsung Heroes campaign to shed light on the way that San Francisco’s professionals contribute to our city.

While everyone knows and appreciates police officers and firefighters – heroes who take great risks to serve the public – few know of the thousands of Local 21 professionals, unsung heroes working behind the scenes, to improve the lives of San Francisco residents. Local 21 mailed “21 Unsung Heroes” packets to political leaders throughout the City. Local 21 heroes are visiting their district Supervisors to tell them about their work and essential services they perform in serving San Francisco. The union is displaying photos of 21 unsung heroes in Muni and Bart stations, and informing the local press and civic organizations about their members’ invaluable work.

This “21 Unsung Heroes” campaign coincides with the union’s contract negotiations with the City of San Francisco. Local 21 is the second largest city employees union in San Francisco.


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