Sherri Anderson, Safety Analyst

“People sometimes see me as an impediment to productivity,” Sherri Anderson says. Nevertheless, Sherri persists in training transportation professionals around San Francisco in essential safety measures. She has helped save lives and prevent injuries.

“Most people don’t want to have to bother with protocol like wearing personal protective equipment such as safety shoes and safety glasses,” Sherri says. “But it’s necessary. I’ve given out over 2,400 pairs of safety shoes in this month alone. You have to change their mindset before they want to take the time to be careful.”

Sherri has taken the lead on projects such as “fall prevention,” making sure that any time maintenance personnel is repairing a vehicle over four feet above the ground, they are properly harnessed and secured. She also makes sure trolleys, which operate on over 600 volts of electricity, are disconnected from all energy sources before making reparations.

The California Occupational Safety and Health Program sets high safety standards, and it’s up to Sherri to make sure that worksites citywide are implementing them. Sherri says “It’s most rewarding when someone thanks me for showing them how to do something the right way.”

Sherri is one of twelve Safety Analysts in the City of San Francisco. She has a passion for helping others.

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