Maverick Madison, Electronic Instrumentation Technician

“I don’t think any of us would like to imagine San Francisco where wastewater wasn’t clean and flowing,” Maverick Madison, Electronic Instrumentation Technician, says.

Maverick works in the Oceanside Treatment Plant, monitoring water levels, flow, and pressure. Public wastewater treatment plants keep our city clean. “If you live west of Twin Peaks, your wastewater will be streamed to the Oceanside plant where I work. From North Point and the Marina, it funnels into the Southeast plant. Technicians like me are constantly checking the water levels in tanks and pumps around the City to make sure nothing is awry, and then treating the water once it gets to us.”

Maverick says environmental consciousness at the plant has increased since he started at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Wastewater Enterprise 23 years ago. “We’re currently experimenting with biosolids — the byproduct of raw sewage — to see if it can be put back into the environment without polluting the air or water. The technicians here are also experimenting with renewable energy, breaking down harmful raw sludge into inert sludge, which can actually be used as a form of power.”

Maverick emphasizes the importance of this work. “We’re running out of certified landfills where we could dump dangerous byproducts so we need to find alternatives.”

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