Adam Gubser, Transit Planner

Adam Gubser helped turn what was once a desolate and empty area into an intimate setting for neighborhood residents to relax and connect. He worked with Hayes Valley residents and businesses in a collaborative effort on Linden Street to transform an overlooked urban space into a pedestrian-friendly “green” street.

Adam carried the project from the design to legislative stages, resulting in an innovative, raised pathway and green area, increased foot and bicycle traffic, and thriving businesses such as the Blue Bottle Coffee Company.

Adam is a Transit Planner with the SFMTA, managing projects that promote safe and pleasant streets. He serves as a community liaison, listening to San Francisco residents’ requests to beautify their neighborhoods, while making sure neighborhood streets maintain a balance between bike paths, vehicle passageways, and pedestrian walkways.

Other recent projects designed and implemented by Adam include the Upper Market Street Bike Lane Project and the recently completed Newcomb Model Block Project, which remodeled a dilapidated San Francisco street full of potholes and graffiti, into a green and inviting urban hub. He says, “I find the projects I work on to be incredibly rewarding. Not only are we able to improve safety and aesthetics, but we are also able to see true community building and quality of life improvements firsthand.”

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